Frequently Asked Questions

When was NNU Founded?

Who sponsors NNU?
The Church of the Nazarene

How big is NNU's campus?
NNU sits on 90 acres. 

What is NNU's average class size?
17 students

What is NNU's enrollment?
Almost 1300 undergraduate students and over 700 graduate students

How many areas of study does NNU offer?

Do students live on campus or off campus?
76% of eligible students live on-campus in 7 different dorms/apartments 

What is NNU's male/female ratio?

What are NNU's school colors?
Red and Black

What is NNU's school mascot?
The Nighthawk

Population of Nampa?
There are approximately 90,000 residents in Nampa.

Activities/Events in Nampa?
Nampa is always on the move, and the list of things to see and do continues to grow.  You can watch a theater production, dollar movies, snow and water skiing, see world-class rodeo action, take a white-water rafting trip, play golf or go boating on the lake. Also, Nampa is only 15 miles from our state capital, Boise.

How is the weather in Nampa?
The Nampa, Idaho area offers a four-season climate with mild winters and outstanding fall and spring seasons. Winter snowfall, usually occurring in December, January and February, is normally sparse and seldom covers the ground for more than a few days. Humidity is low. Summers are pleasantly warm with 86 as the average high temperature for June, July and August. Nampa is in the heart of the Treasure Valley, aptly named.

What are NNU's four core values?
  1. Transformation
  2. Truth
  3. Community
  4. Service
Learn more about these on our Mission, Values, & Vision page.

What is a Nazarene?
The Church of the Nazarene is a denomination in the Christian faith. It stems from the Methodist Church and the holiness revivals of the late 19th century. The Church of the Nazarene began with the purpose of preaching a holy lifestyle and serving the poor in a time when the Church was focusing much attention on the growing middle class. The task of the Northwest Nazarene University, as an institution of the Church of the Nazarene, shall be to serve the Church by providing an educated laity and ministry, loyal to Christ and by emphasizing the Wesleyan doctrine of perfect love.  NNU is a comprehensive Christian liberal arts university fully committed to an educational process that pursues both intellectual and spiritual development. This pursuit is centered firmly in the Person of Jesus Christ and is designed to instill a habit of mind that enables each student to become God's creative and redemptive agent in today's world. While the University is greatly supported by the Church of the Nazarene, a student does not have to come from this background to attend NNU.

Do you have to be a Nazarene to attend NNU?
No. Our campus community is comprised of a diverse student body with many different Christian denominations represented. About 36% of our students have claimed Nazarene as their church background and the other 64% belong to a variety of different Christian denominations, other religions, or indicate no religious affiliation.

Do I have to be a Christian to attend NNU?
A student does not have to be a Christian to attend NNU; however, we do have lifestyle requirements that every student must agree to follow while a student at NNU.  (Refer to "What are your lifestyle requirements?" under the Campus Life section). Students are also required to attend a chapel service three times a week, and there are a couple religion classes that all students must take. 

Diversity on campus?
Our campus community is compiled of students from all over the United States and across the world.  We have students from different cultures and a variety of religious backgrounds. While the majority of our students come from the Northwest Region, students from 31 states and 14 countries attend NNU.

Activities for students on the weekend?
In the fall we have a bonfire, rootbeer fest (outdoor movie and rootbeer floats!), rollerscamming (roller-skating with a creative and thematic twist), Malibu days (picture a flooded field for watersports, a slip-n-slide, volleyball and ultimate frisbee tournaments, barbeques, luaus, karaoke, etc.), and TWIRP (The Woman is Required to Pay), where the girls do the inviting for the biggest group date you have ever been on.  There are formal banquets during homecoming and Valentine's Day. NNU night at the Steelheads (Boise's hockey team), Broom hockey, May Days and The Plunge (watching a water-themed movie in the local pool) are also some favorites.  

Students form teams and compete against one another in numerous sports. Everything from flag football, powderpuff football, soccer, indoor and outdoor volleyball, frisbee golf, ping-pong, badminton, racquetball, tennis, and softball is available. It's not uncommon to see squads make team shirts and stick together for all four years of college.  Athleticism not required.

Clubs on campus?
There are ministry clubs available such as Skaters in Christ (a ministry to kids that skateboard), the Homework Club (held at the Boys and Girls Club), PALS (a ministry to mentally and developmentally handicapped kids), Angels Club (a ministry to disabled adults) and Compassionate Ministries (geared toward missions and community outreach), etc. There is also an Ultimate Frisbee Club (competes in tournaments all around the Northwest), an International Club, Chemistry Club, Psychology Club and our award-winning SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise) team that competes at the national level each year.

Is there a Student Government Association?
Students can be elected to our student Senate, which oversees the disbursement of student fees to different activities and clubs. We have a Student Body President and Vice-President, Social Vice-President and Treasurer. Each class has its own president, vice-president and social board. There are many ways to get involved in leadership on our campus.

Safety on campus?
NNU has security personnel on duty 24/7.  They constantly patrol the campus to ensure the safety of the students and campus property. Security is also available to escort students to their dorms at night from anywhere on campus. Also, the Nampa Police Department's substation is located across the street from NNU.

Lifestyle requirements?
  • To love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself, expressed by your interaction with others.
  • To be personally committed to the known will of God, evidenced by regular worship and accountability to others in the Body of Christ.
  • To be a person of integrity, keeping your word and commitments.
  • To display honesty and truthfulness in relationships and responsibilities.
  • To respect the rights of others to privacy and confidentiality, within the context of accountability.
  • To seek to build up others, refraining from gossip or slander.
  • To exercise caution in making personal decisions, motivated by the awareness of our responsibility not to cause others to stumble in their walk with the Lord.
  • To assume legal, personal, and financial responsibility for all decisions and resulting actions.
  • NNU students may not use alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs.
  • While students at NNU, sexual relations shall be limited to marriage between one man and one woman.
Does NNU have a dress code?
NNU students are expected to dress with Christian principles of modesty, dignity, good taste, self-respect and appropriateness to the occasion. Some specific guidelines are: Bodily cleanliness and neatness of dress are essential on the part of everyone; Bare feet are not allowed inside campus buildings (excluding residence halls); Clothing with printed material that is contrary to NNU standards is not acceptable attire; Men are to wear shirts; Women are to cover sports bras with a shirt when not sunbathing; No bikinis are allowed in community areas.

Average ACT score of students at NNU?
The average ACT score of an NNU student is 23.

Northwest Nazarene is also committed to granting credits for the International Baccalaureate program.  It will grant five lower-division semester credits to be applied to general education and/or major requirements, or elective credit for each higher level course completed with a score of 5, 6, or 7.  No credit is granted for standard level courses.

It is important to note that a maximum of 31 credits may be earned using CLEP, DANTES, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Credit by Examination.

Does NNU accept running start credits?
NNU does accept Washington State Running Start credits.  Students may transfer up to 62 semester credits.

Are NNU's faculty Christian?
All professors are required to sign a statement of Christian faith and a lifestyle agreement.